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Company division
Main office
Address: Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
Phone number: +7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17
Delivery point
Adress: Nizhnevartovsk, Aviatorov str., 16, Russia, 628600
Phone number: (3466) 31-12-66

Director: Valery Chernov
Reception of applications and technical support: Janna Hovanskyh
Working hours (local time): since 09.00 to 18.00, lunch time 12.00-13.00


GPS coordinates

60 56.972'
76 31.258'

Spare parts MAZ ib Nizhnevartovsk

Products of The Yaroslavl Motor Plant

Where are the YAMZ engines assembled?

Yaroslavl Motor plant, or JSC "Autodiesel" is the largest in the country and is engaged in production of automobile spare parts, gear boxes, motors and assemblies. The engines manufactured by the enterprise are used in various automotive equipment is dump trucks, haul trucks, passenger buses and harvesters, trucks and cars, excavators, they are also used on military vehicles, are used as units, installed at petrol stations. The company sends its products not only in the regions of Russia, but in neighbouring Belarus and Ukraine. In 2007 was released and sold 21 per cent more products than in the previous year and the figure was 77610 engines, and in 2008 the factory has gone 5438 new engines, which meet international environmental standards.

The Engines Of The Yaroslavl Motor Plant

The engine is the heart of the machine and its capacity and quality will depend on the term of operation of transport. On the factory engine JAMZ is going in the shop equipped with modern technology. Here are produced 6 - cylinder units with turbocharging and without, 8 - cylinder with turbo and no turbo engines with 12 cylinders. They can be purchased in the company shop or factory in Nizhnevartovsk, where there is a division of the company. Here you will find a wide range of products of the enterprise's engines and units, spare parts for trucks, gear box and clutch.

12 cylinder YAMZ engines

These motors are very productive and have more power. The brand engine YAMZ-850 suitable for the tractor - bulldozer, crane for pipe-laying. The YAMZ-847 is mounted on the tractors. Engine brand YAMZ-845 was specifically designed for large dump trucks weighing not less than 95 tonnes and a lifting capacity not below 55 tons. Engine YAMZ 8401 suitable for dump trucks with a capacity of 45 tons and a weight of not less than 80 tons. YAMZ 240 was designed for less powerful machines BelAZ-75404, capacity 30 tons.

8-cylinder turbocharged engines

The series motor of YAMZ-6581 belongs to a class of environmentally friendly and complies with European quality standards. These engines are installed on large, heavy machinery MAZ, Ural, KrAZ and you can buy them in the shop, plant or division, which is located in a spacious building in Nizhnevartovsk. Engion YAMZ-7514 issued for use at petrol stations, with capacity not exceeding 200 kW. For dump trucks designed engine YAMZ-7512, and the motor is brand YAMZ-7511 suitable for installation on MAZ trucks. Engine brand YAMZ-238DE2 was specially developed for tractors, log trucks, dump trucks. Big order, the plant received from the company "Rostselmash" combine harvesters, tractors, bulldozers. So the engine YAMZ-238ND designed by factory engineers to agricultural tractor K-700A, bulldozer. K-700A-BK. To combine "DON-680" was assembled by engine YMZ-238DK.

6-cylinder engines without turbocharging

Engion YAMZ-236А has six cylinders, has a turbocharger installed on the side of ZIL trucks. For self-propelled cranes KS-5871, marine engines used engine YAMZ-236M2. The order for these units came from the company "Yurmash", "Bogorodskiy machine works", "Tyumensudokomplekt", which not only buy engines and spare parts for the YaMZ engines. The company "Krasnoyarsk factory of combines" made an order on the brand engines YAMZ-236DK, which are used on combine harvesters "Yenisei". All brand engines YAMZ-236 has six cylinders, liquid cooling, their power is 180 horsepower, and the volume of the cylinder 11 to 15 liters. Inside installed filter, a cooling system, the engine lubrication is done in two ways: by spraying and by pressure. The motor has a single-plate clutch, five-speed gearbox. The engine YMZ-236 is made of durable, high-quality cast iron, steel. The total weight of the fully assembled product 1385 kg, its width 1006 mm, and the height of 1195 mm. Motors of this type are intended for installation on cars MAZ, mobile cranes, ship engines, they are mounted on loaders, graders and bulldozers, rollers and excavators, dump trucks and railcars, in plant.

6-cylinder turbocharged engines

Motors of this type have a 6 cylinder. The ignition of the engine occurs due to the strong compression where the fuel gets through the injection into the combustion chamber. It is set on on the agricultural equipment, construction and road machines, crawler type tractors, vehicles and excavators. Motor brand YAMZ-236NE is installed on the airborne vehicle, tractors, dump trucks MAZ. Engine YAMZ-236B specially designed by JSC Kurganmashzavod for a crawler vehicle, and the motor is brand YAMZ-7601 was created for intercity bus class.


Yaroslavl Motor Plant has cooperated with famous automobile plant of KAMAZ, it is a distributor and sells its products. JSC "KAMAZ" is the largest release of trucks factory. Today it produces more than forty models of trucks, tractors and buses. KAMAZ produce machinery and engines, manufactured spare parts for KAMAZ, produces more than 1500 items of components. Recently the product range has expanded considerably, began to produce compact trucks for the city, a power car to transport large amounts of cargo.

Trucks KAMAZ is designed for operation in especially difficult conditions, so all driving and working parts of the machine are subjected to heavy loads, which leads to damage to the machine, for this purpose, the factory produced spare parts. Here you can buy at factory prices transmission, clutch, piston group, viscous clutch, change the main parts of the engine, fuel tank, cylinder, install gas equipment, to make the replacement engine, wheels and bridges. The long operation of the machine will depend on the quality of repairs, only original spare parts will help extend the life of machine, reduce the number of breakdowns.

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