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Spare parts for KAMAZ, YAMZ in Noyabrsk

The advantages of domestic parts

Heavy trucks KAMAZ is known worldwide since the Soviet Union. Their service requires serious skills and experience. The right choice affects the life of the part. Many people prefer cheap parts for KAMAZ original. But experienced drivers know that such a part can fail at any time. Spare parts to the Russian factory will last as long as possible. It should not be forgotten that Chinese items have no warranty. Despite the fact that all factories work according to GOST and TU, not each of them supplies high-quality equipment. You should pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and customer reviews.

Very often the buyer when the price of Chinese spare parts and forget about the other characteristics of the products. Overseas factories to ensure the quality and safety of used parts. They are not always perfect and require a trimming.

Characteristics from different manufacturers differ both in the internal and external parts. For the defective parts have to pay twice, not to mention the fact that it is a safety issue. The last time the market began to appear frequently rejuvenated parts. Have used it at work, but after additional training re-sold. When you choose remanufactured parts, pay attention to the company that made the repairs. Often rejuvenated parts are offered in a disassembled form. But this is not the worst option. Dishonest sellers began to offer engines in virtually homemade. Unreliable services can supply used item without notify the customer. In the absence of the guarantee documents refuse to buy. Detail could be subjected to only cosmetic repair.

Therefore, it is best to contact the company where you purchased KAMAZ . It will put original spare parts suitable for your car. Be sure to ask for certificates and other related documentation. Dealers can provide addresses of official service centres authorised by the manufacturer.

Where to buy spare parts

In Russia there are many suppliers of spare parts for KAMAZ. They differ in the number of components with which they work. To Noyabrsk we supply parts from various manufacturers, including from the Yaroslavl motor plant. It is one of the oldest Russian engine-building enterprises. Two years later, the factory will mark one hundred years since the Foundation.

Spare parts you can buy directly from manufacturers, their dealers and shops. Some companies offer the option of ordering online. Small firms can offer the products of only one group – fuel equipment, tires, frames, motors, and so on. Also they can buy any chemistry.

The main Russian factories of components for KAMAZ

YAMZ engines are considered to be one of the most reliable and durable. Yaroslavl motor plant offers more than 60 models. Product quality meets international technical standards. Cooperates with leading international manufacturers in the field of fuel systems. Spare parts for the YAMZ engines are manufactured with the use of technology in challenging operating conditions. In comparison with the foreign companies of the Yaroslavl motor plant offers high power with lower fuel consumption. On the basis of engines YAMZ-530 is planned to establish gas engines, do not pollute the environment. The company uses advanced technologies in the management and layout of major systems.

Kama automobile plant delivers dozens of modifications of the motors. It offers the original model with a guarantee of quality. JSC "KAMAZ" is the largest plant for the production of heavy trucks in the CIS countries. Located in Naberezhnye Chelny. In the future we plan to open a branch in Cuba. The engines KAMAZ has a great reputation and demand. One of the main advantages on our roads should include increased frost resistance of items.The products of JSC "KAMAZ" in many ways superior to their foreign manufacturers. Genuine parts are the most expensive, but the factory guarantees the quality and reinforces that all necessary documents. In the company of JSC "KAMAZ" includes sixteen specialized businesses; the main part is concentrated in Naberezhnye Chelny. Is one of the leading enterprises in the field of engineering. Also provides service trucks. JSC "KAMAZ" is among the ten largest companies in the world specializing in the production of heavy trucks.

Tutaev motor plant is present on the market of engine more than forty years. Specializiruetsya on engines for heavy vehicles. The company produces accessories and gear boxes for engines YMZ. All products meet environmental EURO standards.

Spare parts for KAMAZ sold in a large price range. The cost can vary by almost two times some units. Original parts are produced either in factories or in subsidiaries. Each plant has its own production line and manufactures products, focusing on its internal regulations and documentation. It's totally legal and complies with all regulations. Parts may vary according to the method of casting and stamping.

To avoid fakes will help brand name manufacturer. On the product plant is put the logo and the original name of the company. It is most advantageous to buy parts from the dealers. These companies buy products in bulk and offer the good discounts. The cost of goods in the shops can be more expensive on 25%.

When choosing parts be sure to ask for her number in the corporate directory of manufacturer. This will help to avoid mistakes when buying. Sellers in the market often do not know the item and also can offer the nonconforming item. Large dealer of the company will help to avoid such problems and provide all the necessary documentation.

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