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Address: Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
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Adress: Barnaul, Popova str., 248/2, Russia (territory of "Express expedition")
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Director: Evgeniya Domanova

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MAZ spare parts in Barnaul

Spare parts for KAMAZ, YAMZ in Barnaul

In 1976, rolled off the first truck "KAMAZ", and together with it the first parts.

Today, the organization has moved many steps forward, including component manufacturing. The conveyor of KAMAZ manufactures all components for their trucks, for example, a variety of power systems, cooling, exhaust, clutch, transfer box, gearbox and, of course, the most important is the "machine heart" – the engine.

Basic information of spare parts for KAMAZ

Original spare parts of JSC "KAMAZ" – is primarily a quality, convenience, ease of application and repair. Each component is responsible for its work in the car. For example, the power system plays a role of purification of fuel and is distributed to the cylinders of the engine. Power system consists of numerous number of parts, which are also produced by the company: fuel lines, filters, fuel tanks, injectors, fuel pump, solenoid, and spark starter. The organization produces almost 400 varieties of parts for the feed system.

Front bridge is the main chassis of any machine. The main detail of the front axle KAMAZ is beam. It is made of durable steel, which is tested by many trials. The front axle is also from the set, crankcase main transmission housing steering knuckle, universal joints ball-type swivel pin and other small parts, which are manufactured by the organization. In total more than 50 models of complete sets of the front axle.

The company KAMAZ produces about 200 types of different kinds of spare parts for the cooling system, which is designed to maintain the desired temperature in a car engine during combustion of the fuel-air mixture. Thermostat, radiator, fan, expansion tank, blinds, ducts and channels in the cylinder – is only a tiny part parts of the cooling system for any car.

The organization offers a wide range of parts for exhaust gas. This is a set of elements of the muffler connected to the exhaust manifold. KAMAZ offers about 100 set for this system.

Parts called not only technical details but also the external body of the car. It's all part of the cabin, such as roof, side panel, front, window, door, seats and even the system of ventilation and heating. For each car company KAMAZ picked up my accessory for the cabin. In total more than two hundred titles.

YAMZ engines

As mentioned above the main thing in any car is the engine. Engines, KAMAZ became known for its quality, ease of maintenance and economy of service. Every engine is technical testing, quality assurance. Another positive quality of engines of this organization is the versatility. These engines are installed not only on trucks but also on any agricultural equipment, and buses.

Engines high quality recognized engines YAMZ, plus they are affordable. Yaroslavl engine plant produces engines with a V-shaped layout, a direct fuel injection system to the cylinders and in-line placement of the cylinder, plus they have a small size compared to their competitors.

A popular model of the V-shaped system is the engine YAMZ 238, consisting of eight cylinders, located from each other at 90° angle. YAMZ 238 – diesel engine, which is mounted on trucks, tractors, trains and dump trucks. Also the widespread use of engines on military equipment of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

Main features:

  • 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 operation of the cylinders
  • The piston stroke is 140 mm
  • Bore of the cylinders 130 mm
  • Displacement – 14,86 l
  • The combustion chamber is in the piston one-sheet
  • Camshaft common to the two rows of cylinders
  • Lubricating system – combined
  • The oil cooling system – radiator to be installed outside of the engine
  • Oil pump, dual mass, gear

If a row location of cylinders in series. Their main feature is a smaller engine power unlike the V-shaped engine and number of cylinders 6 total.

YAMZ engines have found application in major organizations around the world, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. The main consumers of YAMZ – "Ural", "BelAZ", JSC "Elektroagregat", "AvtoKrAZ" and "LiAZ".

Official dealer YAMZ

Spare parts for the YAMZ as the engines and all other spare parts used in the production of "KAMAZ" implements the official dealer of the Yaroslavl motor plant, RC Autodiesel Ltd. Every detail prior to sale and checked for compliance with standard technical indicators.

RC Autodiesel Ltd. - this is the exact assurance that you will get a fake, as the centre works directly with the company that still gives a plus in price.

The center is located in several cities of Russia – Yaroslavl, New Urengoy, Nizhnevartovsk, Orenburg, Yekaterinburg, Buzuluk, Noyabrsk, Surgut and Barnaul. RTS partners are large companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft, LUKOIL, drilling company "BKE".

Branch of RC Autodiesel Ltd. in Barnaul is always in stock all brand spare parts for different models of engines and gensets. Conditions of short supply, as the Regional Centre in the first place puts the customer.

To buy spare parts also available via the Internet using the official website of RC Autodiesel Ltd. Making the application after some time, you will call a professional Manager with which you can solve all your questions, which is very convenient and efficient in order to save their own time. The buyer is provided with warranty from factory YAMZ, and the documents confirming the quality of the product.

Yaroslavl motor plant every year hold events for the improvement of all models engines for maximum adaptation in the consumer market. Thanks to the skilled YAMZ engines and all spare parts for trucks will long continue to occupy the first place in the list of the best.

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