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Address: Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
Phone number: +7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17
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Adress: Puteyskaya str., 19, Orenburg
Phone number: +7 3532 666-970

Director: Fanil Gumerov


Any organizations located at our old address Mechanizatorov str., 24, Orenburg are no related to JSC "Avtodiesel", and are not their dealers. BEWARE OF FAKE SALLERS!!!

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Spare parts MAZ in Orenburg

Spare parts for KAMAZ, YAMZ in Orenburg

Orenburg is another city, in addition to Yekaterinburg, where you can find the office of the company RC Autodiesel Ltd., which is engaged in sale of spare parts for KAMAZ, YAMZ and other things. The industry of the city developed at a very high level, and therefore the need for krupnooptovom transport is increasing. KAMAZ is the ideal option, due to its characteristics, which are not inferior to imported trucks, as well as a lower price. But no thing on Earth can not last forever. And KAMAZ will sooner or later begin to falter, requiring replacement of some parts more new. The owner will have two choices: either to refer to the official dealer of spare parts for KAMAZ, which on the territory of Orenburg is of RC Autodiesel Ltd., or to go to market auto parts and pick up for your truck cheaper option.

What guarantees gives RC Autodiesel Ltd. in the case of purchase of spare parts

If the buyer decided to buy parts from an authorized dealer of JSC "Autodiesel" in the city of Orenburg, he should go to their head office, which is located at street Shosseynaya, 32. The benefits from purchasing replacement parts from the official company are obvious even to the naked eye.

The first advantage of such purchases is that the company gives a guarantee of quality, as evidenced by a certain term of service, or full replacement in case of failure. The second advantage of purchasing spare parts KAMAZ, the RC Autodiesel Ltd. in the city of Orenburg lies in the fact that your vehicle will be able to load to full capacity without the risk of repeated failure. As a rule, "non-native" parts contribute to the full utilization of the efficiency of cargo transport, and family, on the contrary, this problem is solved in full. The third advantage is total peace of mind that you got exactly the same unit in exchange for the old and it makes no sense to worry about whether it will fit or not.

Therefore, if there is a need to buy spare parts for KAMAZ, the best solution in this situation would be the acquisition of the necessary elements do company of RC Autodiesel Ltd., which has for a long time is a guarantee of quality and reliability. Logistics network of the company developed so well that the customer can get their product almost immediately after ordering, despite the fact that most of the goods stored in the warehouse in Yaroslavl.

What spare parts for KamAZ can be purchased from RC Autodiesel Ltd.

In RC Autodiesel Ltd. you can buy all kinds of accessories for Trucks from a variety of sleeves to engines. All produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which is dealer by RC Autodiesel Ltd. is stored in the warehouse in Yaroslavl. However, the logistic chain of the company developed so well that the buyer will be able to receive your goods in the shortest possible time.

Also it is possible to purchase repair kits for KAMAZ. Read the cost of all parts and kits on the website, all prices are in accordance with those goods that are located in a warehouse in Yaroslavl.

Buy engines YAMZ in the Orenburg Department of our company.

Specialists of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, or JSC "Autodiesel" diversified produce engines for truck and tractor for ships and gear. The plant is on the market for a very long time, so takes a good position among the competitors.

The engine is one of the main types of products which are produced at the factory. The most popular model among customers is the YAMZ-236. Its advantage lies in the ratio quality/price. Having virtually identical characteristics to its competitors, which are produced in England and Italy, YAMZ-236 will cost the buyer is relatively cheaper. This motor has a mass of one ton and six-cylinder without turbo.

By the way, in case necessary, can also be purchased at the Orenburg branch of RC Autodiesel Ltd., six - and eight-cylinder engines, which are used for tractor, bulldozer.

In addition to the engine specialists of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant produces other important elements of transport, as the clutch and gearbox. Regarding the latter, you can buy five-, six-, eight-, nine - and even chetyrnadtsatiletnyuyu transmission. Due to such a wide choice of gearboxes always possible to select exactly what you need.

Spare parts for YAMZ engions

For anybody it is not a secret that JSC "Autodiesel" is considered to be the largest enterprise in Russia on manufacture of diesel engines for various purposes, and also the clutch, gearbox and components.

The engines manufactured by this company are used all over the CIS, the largest customers are such countries as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They are used in the manufacture and assembly of cars, trucks, dump trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery, trucks, excavators, diesel-electric stations. The engines produced at this plant, and trust in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the needs of the Russian army. Engines for special machinery made by order of the Ministry of defense of Russia. The main and constant clients of the JSC "Autodiesel" are "MAZ", JSC "Automobile plant "Ural", "AutoKrAZ", "BelAZ".

The plant is constantly developing and improving. Recently transitioned the manufacturing of engines corresponding to Euro-3 standard, which provides control over environmental friendliness of the manufactured motors.

In addition, spare parts for engines YAMZ can be purchased in Orenburg on Puteyskaya str., 19.

By purchasing the engions from RC Autodiesel Ltd. in the city of Orenburg, you get high-quality and powerful engions for a relatively small price.

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