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Spare parts for KAMAZ, YAMZ Yekaterinburg engines

Yekaterinburg is one of the most industrial cities in Russia. Therefore, the importance of heavy-duty tractors in its territory is very great. And what tractors are the most popular in our country? Naturally, KAMAZ, the name of which is almost synonymous with the tractor. But even large trucks tend to fail. In this situation, the owners of such vehicles, as a rule, turn to the market of cheap spare parts. But it's hard to buy quality goods cheaply. Therefore, the best option would be to purchase a failed element of KAMAZ from LLC RC & laquo;Avtodiesel» in the city of Yekaterinburg, which is the official dealer of JSC "Avtodiesel", located in Yaroslavl.

The owners of the tractors.

The owners of the Trucks after failing a particular part, start looking for an alternative. And while they make a number of mistakes, which will be described below:

  • First mistake – own fix. Many owners of any vehicles trying the most harmless for your pocket to solve the problem of broken item. They are starting to replace their native parts, which fail, some improvised things I found in the garage. But this is a mistake, as this is possible full rejection of KAMAZ to work and have to call professionals that will cost much more.
  • The second mistake is the purchase of cheap alternatives unknown origin. On various underground markets you can buy almost everything you need for a lower price. However, one should not forget that the effectiveness of the work of KAMAZ can be significantly reduced, as it will not be able to fully synchronize with non-native parts.
  • The third mistake – the acquisition, on the contrary, non-native or more expensive imported parts. The situation is similar to that described above, so only paid the cost of spare parts will be several times higher.

In order not to make all the above mistakes, you can take one the only correct action in case of failure of any component to acquire spare parts for KAMAZ only specialized company, which is RTS OJSC "Autodiesel" on the territory of Yekaterinburg. In order to find the authorized dealer in this town, you must go to the address street of Geologists, 1.

What are the pros purchase parts from an authorized dealer?

In the case of purchase of spare parts from OJSC RTS "Autodiesel" the customer can count on some benefits. The first of these advantages is the guarantee of quality. It is to provide warranty period and free maintenance service from the company. The firm is in the market for quite a long time, so any customer can verify this yourself.

The second advantage of purchasing component parts from an authorized dealer is the ability to use a full load of KAMAZ. When conducting research, the experts use only their native parts, so in order to use the efficiency of its freight transport to full it is necessary to buy original spare parts.

The third advantage lies in the confidence of the customer that he gets really high quality parts. Yes, it is rather a moral satisfaction, but even this moment is important for RTS, JSC "Autodiesel" in Yekaterinburg.

What are the YAMZ can be purchased in Yekaterinburg?

YAMZ engines are very popular not only in the city of Yaroslavl, where they are produced, but also in many other cities of the country and even the CIS. If we talk about Yekaterinburg, then there is a special office of JSC "Autodiesel", who is ready to sell customers engines produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant.

The nomenclature of the engines of this plant are very diverse. Here you can buy six-, eight-, and twelve-cylinder engines JAMZ with turbocharging and without it.

Popular model motors of the plant can be called YAMZ-236. It is produced for many years and still smacking is one of the leaders of sales among the engines intended for ships, chassis or excavators. He is a six-cylinder engine and has a mass of 980 kg. Its advantage compared to their foreign counterparts, which are produced in England and Italy, is that when there is relative equality in the specifications, it has a lower price.

In the case of acquisition of YAMZ any model in Yekaterinburg you will receive the goods directly from the manufacturer warehouse in the city of Yaroslavl, OOO because of RC Avtodizel has instant communication with the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, whose representative he is in Yekaterinburg.

Spare parts for YAMZ

In case of need in the acquisition of spare parts for engines YMZ, it is possible to always contact the dealer in Ekaterinburg, which is located at the address: street of Geologists, 1. The technician will give your order directly to the warehouse where are stored all the necessary spare parts for the engine.

Do company of RC Avtodizel, you can buy such parts for the engine YAMZ, as different sets of liners and piston rings. Also, the buyer will have the opportunity to purchase radiator oil cooler housing, flywheels, flanges and a set of heat exchanger.

In the case of purchase of products from the RC Avtodizel, the customer receives a quality guarantee for years to come. Implemented firm's products proved to be only the best parties and is now considered to be one of the best in the field of production and implementation of models of engines designed for marine vessels, tractors and chassis.

Today produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant products are known not only in Russia but also abroad. Established contacts with many countries of the CIS. Produced at the factory the engines are not different in quality from the imported analogues, and the price – even have the advantage.

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