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Company division
Main office
Address: Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
Phone number: +7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17
Delivery point

We supply any spare parts for cargo and special machinery
in the CIS countries and the near abroad.

TD "Rusavto" offers more than 160 000 items of spare parts of the leading automobile components producers.


How we work

TaxesWe supply a full range of spare parts for trucks and special machinery with 0% VAT rateю
CertificationWe do customs clearance with the issuance of a certificate of origin
GeographyWe work with Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan

Contact us

Oleg Rubcov

+7 4852 68-47-08
+7 903 823-49-78

Yaroslavl, Silicatnoe shosse, 19, Russia, 150030

TD "Rusavto" Ltd.

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Official member
of the Russian chamber
of Commerce and industry
+7 4852 970-970, 67-20-17, 67-20-30