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Address:Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
Phone number:+7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17
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Company regional representative person program

Our company is interested in expanding business contacts and invites you to work as a freelance employee with contract.

What we expect from You:

  • Ability to agreement negotiations, communicability, competent communication
  • Ability to conduct business correspondence
  • Knowledge of region's market situation and main buyers of our products
  • Ability to use MS Office, e-mail and Internet
  • Having a personal car and experience in sales are welcome

What you should do:

  • representation of the ompany's interests in the entrusted region;
  • searchimg for potential buyers and communicate with them
  • keeping records of found customers via computer
  • support of transactions, receiving feedback from the client and communicate with him
  • make a report to main office one time per month in the standard form

What do we do:

  • assign you a professional sales Manager
  • calculating customer's requests and support tech communication
  • create all necessary docs: the contract with customer and shipping documents
  • ship the goods
  • warranty support

What else do we do:

  • We will give you the certificate of the Representative of our company, branded uniform ( voluntary wearing).
  • We will release personal business cards for you, all advertising and information materials.
  • We will provide your information support
  • We will place your contact information and photo on the company's website.
  • Additional motivation is provided.
  • Once a year we organize a training for you in the main office, and refund your trip to Yaroslavl and hotel accommodation

Your work is paid according to result.

You can decide for yourself how much time, when and with whom you will work.
Also there are additional pleasant moments in work and you will surely learn about them by having responded to this vacancy.

Please contact us!

Attention! It is preferable to call or write directly for quick candidacy considering. So you will save your time!

Evdokimov Dmitry

+7 (930) 119-50-27

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