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Company division
Main office
Address: Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
Phone number: +7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17
Delivery point
Technical service for European trucks

TruckMotors on Decembrists, 5 is a new business park in Yaroslavl, which organically combined truck service and retail store with a rich selection of spare parts from more than 70 brands.

The service serves European trucks and trailers, the repair zone covers an area of 1,200 m2, which allows you to contain the maximum number of trucks and minimizes the waiting time for customers. Service station is equipped with modern tools and staff of specialists will quickly and efficiently perform repairs of any complexity - from diagnosis to gearbox and engine repair.

Basic services
Brake system repair
Engine, gearbox repair
Electromechanical repair
Suspension repair
Welding works

Also we opened a retail shop of spare parts and accessories for European trucks and trailers on territory of business Park. The range includes spare parts from leading world manufacturers: MAN, Scania, DAF, Iveco, Volvo, Mercedes-benz, Renault, BPW, SAF.

Why customers choose us
We have special tools 1200 square meters repair area Comfortable location Staff with big experience Spare parts store
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Yaroslavl, Decembrists str., 5 (Industrial zone) +7 4852 59-41-41, +7 4852 59-41-42
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