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Address: Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
Phone number: +7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17
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Adress: Orenburg region, Buzuluk, Dorozhnaya str., 35, Russia
Phone number: +7 35342 39-970

Director: Aleksey Cimbaluk

GPS coordinates

52 46.48'
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Spare parts for KAMAZ, YaMZ in Buzuluk

JSC "Avtodizel" - is the largest supplier of spare parts and engines throughout the country. In many major cities, including the city Buzuluk, branch offices, warehouses. Over the years of its existence, the company was able to implement factory parts, engines from leading manufacturers. So, RC Autodiesel Ltd. became a distributor of original spare parts for KAMAZ vehicles, as well as the dealer of the Yaroslavl motor plant, which produces high-quality motors and parts.

Engines and spare parts YAMZ

Yaroslavl motor factory is an enterprise engaged in the development and production of engines, multi-purpose, CP, couplings and spare parts. Hallmark of products was their endurance. The YAMZ engines work great in any, even in the most severe climatic conditions. They are mounted on vehicles and special equipment to give the best permeability and the possibility of operation in conditions of the North and far North.

RC Autodiesel Ltd. offers YAMZ at the best prices. These products are known worldwide for their high quality, reliability, excellent performance.

Yaroslavl motor plant produces engines of the different assemblies in the power range from 120 to 800 HP Is the diversity divided by the engines of the V-shaped type, medium and heavy motors with power up to 420 HP of Euro-0, Euro-1, Euro-2, Euro-3 and Euro-4. Each option has several dozen modifications developed on the basis of several basic motors. Among them the most popular are the engines of environmental standards Euro-3 and Euro-4. They are installed on modern tractors, trucks, combines, emergency vehicles.

YAMZ engines have found application in engineering: they have equipped more than 400 thousand different models of machines. Also, they complement road construction machinery, forklifts, plant mobile and stationary type, harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery, special equipment.

Everyone who uses a YAMZ know about their reliability, high performance and available spare parts. Details don't have to wait long, because all the parts are stored in our warehouses, where they are delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time.

RC Autodiesel Ltd. is a company which sells spare parts for the YAMZ engines of any model. We can find any engines and parts at competitive prices.

Spare parts for trucks

Spare parts for trucks have a number of requirements that must be followed while choosing a spare part. They need to work steadily, to serve as long as possible, ideally suit the car, not expensive and have a guarantee. All these requirements are met only original spare parts. Only they are able to serve guaranteed by the manufacturer period and will be ideal to suit your machine.

So, spare parts for KAMAZ and other trucks better to buy the original type, because unknown, as non-genuine will show itself in the far route. It may fail right in the road, thereby jeopardised the lives of all traffic participants, driver. Deliver the goods because such situations can deteriorate. To avoid such situations it is recommended to buy only original spare parts for KAMAZ trucks.

Supplier of original spare parts for KAMAZ in the city Buzuluk is RC Autodiesel Ltd. In our catalogue includes all parts for repair of trucks of KAMAZ production.

In addition to components for KAMAZ, here you can find spare parts for other equipment at the best prices.

Our stock

Our company sells a variety of truck parts, engines YAMZ and spare parts for them, as well as other products manufactured by the Yaroslavl motor plant.

Among the products offered by us you can always find:

  • different types of engines YAMZ and spare parts for them;
  • MAZ products, including trailers from this manufacturer;
  • spare parts for KAMAZ trucks;
  • electrical equipment and other parts.

For the convenience of customers, the entire range is represented in the directory unit of the city of Buzuluk. To purchase, you need to contact us. RC Autodiesel Ltd. in the shortest possible time will deliver the item to the customer, and if the item is in stock city, you can get the same day to the dealer.

By purchasing products from us, customers receive not only high quality original spare parts, engines and factory warranty, all customers are provided with documentation confirming the quality of the products.

Currently RC Autodiesel Ltd. carries out delivery and implementation of components for trucks, special vehicles of domestic and foreign production, such as YAMZ, ZIL, KRAZ, MAZ, PAZ, KAMAZ. It's not the whole list manufacturers, spare parts for we supply.

Spare parts in Buzuluk

RC Autodiesel Ltd. implements the original parts from the manufacturer at the best prices. Our offices can be found throughout the country, including in the city of Buzuluk. Turning to us, you are guaranteed to find the desired component, engine and a variety of consumable parts for KAMAZ, YAMZ and not only. Learn more about the types of spare parts, the engines can be found by referring to us.

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