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Yaroslavl - Main office
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Adress: Yaroslavl, Polushkina roshiya str., 16, 150044
Phone number: +7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17

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Vadim Kuzovkin
Phone number: +7 4852 970-970, +7 4852 67-20-17, +7 4852 67-20-30

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Sergey Gurylev
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Spare parts for KAMAZ, YAMZ, MAZ, Yaroslavl

The role of KAMAZ trucks is hard to overstate in any industry. Due to the fact that this type of tractors today is one of the most accessible and cheap, many manufacturers of mass production try to use it. However, there are cases when the necessary repairs of KAMAZ or purchase for him the individual parts. In this case, the assistance may come OOO RC Avtodizel, whose office can be found also in Yaroslavl.

MAZ trucks in Yaroslavl

MAZ is a symbiosis of moderate cost, European standards and divergent lineup. Reliable, proven equipment to withstand the difficult conditions of work, including off-road. The list of modifications of the Minsk car manufacturer are:

  • trucks;
  • trailed machines;
  • machinery;
  • buses;
  • cranes.

General specifications MAZ trucks

Transport of manufactured products have different levels of capacity and capacity platforms. The performance of most of the model range increased due to the improved dynamic qualities. Cars with increased comfort, which is facilitated with modern power and reliability backed by a brake system with separate drive. Easy to repair and reliable in performance technique is a machine MAZ, buy any modification you can RC Autodiesel Ltd.

The cost of production of MAZ

Provides a flexible pricing policy part of the MAZ Yaroslavl. Engines with some modifications are supplied with a local engine plant. The production of a number of spare parts for cars and buses is carried out by domestic enterprises, which reduces the cost of maintenance of vehicles of MAZ, in comparison with competitive equipment of foreign production.

The advantage of buying of spare parts, RC Autodiesel Ltd.

Spare parts for KAMAZ, of course, you can not only purchase from an authorized dealer, whom is of RC Avtodizel, but there are a number of advantages of purchasing from this company:

First, quality guarantee. OOO RC Avtodizel works directly with manufacturers of Trucks and components for them, so all components will be ideally suited, and the tractor will be only part of their maximum capacity;

Secondly, the best job. Of course, you can replace defective parts with cheaper alternatives. But we cannot be sure that the work the tractor will be most effective. Spare parts, new in RC Autodiesel Ltd will Yaroslavlvodokanal the best efficiency of the tractor;

Third, to minimize damage in the case of maximum load. As a rule, counterfeit spare parts can not boast of the same quality as the original. Therefore, in the case of maximum load on the KAMAZ can happen their failure that would not have occurred in the case of purchase of spare parts from an official dealer of RC Autodiesel Ltd.

Above was listed a number of benefits that the owner of the KAMAZ can feel only after you buy parts from the company. Don't forget that in the case of an order in the Yaroslavl division of the company, the buyer of spare parts can get very high quality service.

What parts can be purchased from RC Autodiesel Ltd

The range that the company offers is extremely diversified. It may consist of a gasket kit for a compressor, the cost of which does not exceed 40 rubles, and a full engine replacement. And all the products sold, OOO RC Avtodizel fully compliant with the various quality standards, whether it is a EURO-0 or EURO-4. If you want to buy spare part in the Yaroslavl Department of the company you will be able to immediately get exactly what you need. The fact that all parts are in stock in this city. Therefore, after complete payment you will be able almost immediately to obtain the necessary repair kit.

That offers the Yaroslavl Motor Plant?

YAMZ is one of the largest manufacturers of diesel engines. In addition to development and production of diesel engines Yaroslavl Motor Plant specializes also in the manufacture of gear boxes, stationary units and all required accessories.

Manufactured at the plant engines are used not only by land but also by various courts. For example, the navigation engine uses these models in engines YAMZ-236М2.

In General, YAMZ-236 is the most popular engine trucks, ships and harvesters, which are on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. Therefore, we can say with confidence that JSC "Autodiesel" is a regional leader in its industry. The advantage of this engine relative to imported alternatives, is that it is significantly cheaper, although the characteristics are practically not inferior to its English and Italian counterparts.

YMZ-236 is a six-cylinder engine, but does not have this turbo. However, there is a possibility to get a motor with turbo. This six-cylinder engine, weighing almost one tonne, has excellent characteristics, is able to significantly increase the lifetime and efficiency of the engine.

Also in Yaroslavl you can buy the eight-cylinder YAMZ engines with turbocharging and without it, as well as twelve-cylinder engines, which feature not only trucks, but also ships, excavators, bulldozers and other heavy equipment. The weight of such engines, as a rule, exceeds one thousand pounds. As for quality, the YAMZ has already declared itself as a reliable and qualified manufacturer of engines for relatively inexpensive prices.

Spare parts for YAMZ

JSC "Autodiesel" is able to sell not only engines of the plant, but also accessories. All the parts are in the warehouse in the city of Yaroslavl, so in the case of acquisition or production order in this city, you can receive your goods quickly and without unnecessary waiting.

As spare parts for engines YMZ, you can highlight products such as different sets of inserts, the cost of which can reach seven hundred rubles, as well as the oil pump, bushing, plug, and many other components that make up the engine YAMZ.

In addition to the main component parts of the engine can also be purchased and those components that are necessary for its work and are the link between the motor and the power source. Such items that can be purchased from JSC "Autodiesel", are toplivoprovode high pressure turbochargers, and various discharge pipe.

By purchasing products from JSC "Autodiesel", the buyer receives not only a good product, but also quality guarantee. Yaroslavl Motor Plant has for many years maintained the reputation as one of the regional leaders in the field of production of diesel engines for tractors, ships, bulldozers, chassis, and accessories.

The plant, based in Yaroslavl, manufactures products not only in domestic market but also for export. So to meet tractors, excavators and chassis, engines for which were produced in Yaroslavl, and you can also in the CIS countries and Europe. All this is due to the fact that all the products are manufactured in full compliance with international standards and norms.

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